Fuji Heavy Industries Announces Subarus All New Boxer Engine

Fuji Heavy Industries Announces Subaru’s All-New Boxer Engine | Subaru in the News

Fuji Heavy Industries Announces Subaru’s All-New Boxer Engine

by Subaru in the News on September 23, 2010

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Boxer engines are the cornerstone of Subaru’s products. After 21 years in service, the current second-generation of the automaker’s boxer engine will be getting a much needed replacement.

Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru, announced that an entirely new factory has been built just to produce the new mills. The four cylinder engine will be available in two displacements, a 2.0- and 2.5-liter. The bore and stroke have also been increased along with lighter pistons and connecting rods.

The changes to these new units are expected to yield lower emissions and improved efficiency, but power ratings have yet to be announced.

According to an official statement released by FHI, “this new-generation Horizontally-Opposed 4 cylinder gasoline engine, the third generation Subaru boxer engine, showcases Subaru’s latest engineering research and development. It offers a new performance level by further refining Subaru’s unique expertise in Boxer engine technology. The engine was entirely renewed, starting from the basic structure, while all the advantages of the horizontally-opposed layout were maintained: lightweight, compact, low center of gravity, and superior vibration balance. New-generation improvements include advances in both environmental friendliness, such as an approximately 10% improvement in fuel efficiency, and driving performance for smooth acceleration in all speed ranges. Furthermore, FHI designed the new engine with consideration of the technology’s expandability and potential capability to receive further upgrades meeting future environmental measures.”

These new boxer units will continue be the primary engines for Subaru vehicles. It will also make its debut in the Forester crossover.

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