Subaru Returns To Rally Racing

Subaru Returns to Rally Racing | Subaru in the News

Subaru Returns to Rally Racing

by Subaru in the News on December 11, 2009

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Subaru made a name for itself in rally racing, but last year was forced to withdraw from the World Rally Championship due to the financial constrains of a weak global economy. Other automakers followed suit, exiting motorsports to conserve cash. However, Subaru has been synonymous with rally racing, so it didn’t seem likely that Subaru would stay away for long.

Luckily for Subaru enthusiasts, the automaker has announced it will be returning to Intercontinental Rally Championship (IRC) in 2010. While it isn’t the World Rally Championship, activity in the IRC will still keep the Subaru rally tradition alive.

Subaru’s exit from the WRC coincided with new product offerings, such as the updated WRX. The WRX in particular was widely regarded as more sophisticated and demur than its predecessor. Combined with turning their back on racing, some thought that Subaru would lose the qualities that had helped them standout, but luckily this slow step back into racing will help quell concerns of passionate Subaru fans.

Although Subaru is a small brand compared to other Japanese imports here in the U.S., Subaru is truly a motorsports icon thanks to its rally racing activity over the past twenty years. Luckily, the brand hasn’t lost its passion for rally just yet.

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FHI registered for the 2010 series of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC)

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. has announced that it will register as a manufacturer for the 2010 series of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC).

The IRC is a series of international rally challenges that began in 2007, and consists of existing rally events that are held across four continents. With well known races nominated for the 2009 season, including the Rally Monte-Carlo and the Safari Rally that played host to the WRC, the IRC is growing in size with every new year. The Group N class, where the Impreza WRX STI belongs, and the S2000 are the main types of vehicles used to race in the event.

The series is organised by Eurosport – Europe’s largest TV channel – and all teams that race in a vehicle produced by an officially registered manufacturer are featured in extensive coverage broadcast by Eurosport. Manufacturer’s points are allocated with the results of every race and announced on official IRC records.

By registering as a manufacturer with the IRC, Fuji Heavy Industries will be able to provide various types of media, including race footage and results, to Subaru motorsport customers around the world.

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