Subaru Sets February Sales Record

Subaru Sets February Sales Record | Subaru in the News

Subaru Sets February Sales Record

by Subaru in the News on March 11, 2010

The Japanese automaker known for its commitment to boxer engines and four-wheel drive is now getting pretty well known for something new: Increasing sales.

In 2009, Subaru moved an impressive 216,652 units, breaking the company’s previous record of 200,703, set in 2006. The automaker got off to a strong start again in 2010, with two models—the Subaru Legacy and Subaru Outback—having their best January results ever, and the company as a whole seeing a 28 percent boost to its monthly numbers. The story only got better last month, when Subaru used a 38 percent sales jump to set a record for February results.

Once more leading the way were the Outback crossover, which more than doubled last February’s sales on a 159 percent boost, and the Legacy sedan, up 95 percent. But as impressive as these numbers were, they also showcase a major weakness for Subaru: The rest of its lineup.

Sales of the Subaru Forester advanced just 6 percent in a market that as a whole increased by 13 percent, while 5 percent fewer customers took home a Subaru Impreza and sales of the Subaru Tribeca drove right off the cliff. Only 175 Tribecas were sold in February, a precipitously steep drop of 60 percent.

Now, on a percentage basis, Subaru lead the U.S. last year with a stellar 15 percent sales bump, and company execs are hoping to once again go dancing with the stars in 2010. But while it takes two to tango, sustainable results in the auto market usually require more than a pair of performers, and it remains to be seen if the company will still be putting up records when the music stops in December.

Over all, sales are looking to be on an upswing as the economy begins to thaw. Beaverton Honda suggests many consumers are looking to take advantage of attractive offers, and cars that offer high value and fuel economy are at the top of shopping lists.

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